I empower women and families with natural solutions to take better care of their health. I educate on essential oils to simplify healthy living, so that we can live our best life with less stress.

Our journey with doTERRA began from a place of simply wanting to take better care of our health and our children's health in a more natural way.

My husband and I began making lifestyle changes after having our first baby. These changes were small shifts toward living more naturally, but were extremely impactful to us. Having children really opened our eyes to how we approach health in our home, especially what we turn to when any of us is unwell. We began the process of educating ourselves with what is in the products we use and how to clean up our choices beyond shelling out more money on “green” products. The frugality and necessity came together and presented a tremendous gain with using essential oils. They’ve become a huge part of our lives, our go-to before any synthetics. I carry blends of essential oils in my bag in case we need something that will support our health right at that moment. I trust they take care of my family in the very best and natural way in all situations.

Educating my family, friends and new friends has been an incredible experience. The stories I receive on how doTERRA oils have helped tremendously, and impacted so positively, keeps me moving forward to learn more and share with others. I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.


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